ELROTOR Air Tool Lubricant

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Elrotor Air Tool  Lubricant  are premium quality primarily intended for the lubrication on pneumatically operated air tool, percussive and rotary type tools.  Formulated from high quality base stocks and additives, which provide excellent chemical stability and good protection against wear and corrosion.


They offer an optimum balance of adhesiveness, yet are emulsifiable enough to pick up moisture carried in the air stream reducing the negative effect of water on wear and corrosion. They do not form gummy deposits that could cause sluggish valve action.


Even in the presence of water, the Elrotor Air Tool  Lubricant have good preferential metal-weting properties that maintain continuous oil films. These properties combination with high EP characteristics will provide excellent lubricating resulting in long life.


Advantages and Potential Benefits

– Cleans rust, sludge and deposit formation from all of air toll as it lubricates

– Effective lubrication in presence of water

– Reduces component wear

– Proloong equipment life

– Protec metals surfaces from corrosion

– Provide good lubrication films under all conditions

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